DailyQ - app for tracking daily tasks

Start tracking your daily tasks today

Try it, it is totally free!


Everything is synced

You can use how many devices you want - every data is synced

User-friendly interface

DailyQ has a very simple, clean and user-friendly interface with no features that you don’t even need

Cares about your time

DailyQ takes only 2 minutes of all your day: 1 minute for reading tasks in the morning and 1 minute for marking tasks in the evening



  • Attaching images to each task after marking as completed / failed
  • Streaks
  • Reordering tasks
  • Grouping tasks
  • Multiple actions
  • Sharing profiles
  • User groups
  • Authorization via google, facebook and twitter
  • Testing early app versions
  • Ability to listen tasks instead of reading them
  • Desktop application
  • Telegram bot


  • Verifying emails
  • Forgot password
  • More detailed statistics
  • Offline mode


Is it another To-Do List?

No, it is not a To-Do List at all. To-Do List is for one-time tasks, but DailyQ is only for daily tasks.

Can it work without internet?

Unfortunately, DailyQ cannot work without internet right now because all data is stored on the remote server that allows to sync data between all your devices. But the good news is that offline mode is already in the roadmap :)

Is it free?

Yes, DailyQ is totally free. But if you would like to donate, I will really appreciate this: PayPal, Patreon :)

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